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Conclusion. Buying a used slot machine can be a fun way to start a new hobby of collecting gaming machines, but do some research first. You want to make sure that it’s legal to do so before you get started. You also need to do some research into dealers before spending any money. How much would my slot machine sell for? | Yahoo Answers You obviously don't WANT the slot machine, so it shouldn't matter what you get for it. I don't sell stuff I like or want to keep, and if I don't want something, I don't care what I get for it, because I didn't want it anyway. Even $1 would be a bonus. Sell or buy a used Slot machine - PawnGuru Slot machine – find out how much it's worth. Buy, sell or pawn one at pawn shops near you with PawnGuru.

How much would my slot machine sell for? | Yahoo Answers

If you want to purchase a slot machine for private use, the device will be limited to amusement and entertainment purposes only. Unless you have permission from the State, you are strictly prohibited from the use of your private slot machine for gambling or profit-making purposes. Is it illegal to sell a slot machine that takes real money ... I have a slot machine I want to sell. It was initially purchased with my knowledge that it had been "converted" to accept only tokens and will be sold with around 250 tokens. I placed an ad in a local shopper, and I have received several calls from people who are interested, but they have all asked... show more I have a slot machine I want to ... Contact Us - Watling Antique Slot Machine

Slot machines that don’t accept currency and don’t pay out money are allowed to be sold on eBay. Other Dealers.Posting a “want-to-buy” ad might result in finding private owners who are willing to sell used or antique slot machine games for considerably less than a professional dealer would.

Sell Your Slot Machine(s) As-Is - California Antique Slots www.california-antique-slots.com tbaker@california-antique-slots.com Sell Your Slot Machine(s) "As-Is" If you wish to simply list your machine with us for sale, we can help you! We will list your slot machine(s) at no cost. We simply need a high-resolution photo of both the interior and exterior of the machine you wish to sell. Selling Your Antique - Antique Slot Machines

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It's perfectly legal, however, to buy and sell what the state terms a "gambling device" -- i.e. any slot machine, 8-liner, or other contraption that accepts people's money and occasionally spits ... Antique slot machines for sale - Darwin's Old Time Slots Antique Slot Machines and Stained Glass are the passion and livelihood of this Michigan man who buys, sells, restores, and collects these vintage old time slots. Pictured on our website is a restored Roman Head antique slot machine from 1932. Antique Slot Machine Buying - Selling - Repair - Restoration